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Speeding: State Laws

State Statute
Alabama Reasonable and prudent speed

(AL Code 32-5A-170)
Maximum limits (AL Code 32-5A-171)

Alaska Negligent Driving

(AK Statutes 28.35.45)

Arizona Speed Restrictions

(ARS Title 28 scroll to 28-701 to 28-710)

Arkansas Speed Limits

(AR Code Title 27, Ch. 51, Sub-Chapter 2)

California Speed Laws, Generally

(California Vehicle Code Sections 22348 - 22366)
Other Speed Laws (California Vehicle Code Sections 22400 - 22413)

Colorado Speed limits

(CRS 42-4-1101)

Connecticut Speeding

(GSC section 14-219)

Delaware Speed Restrictions

(DE Code Title 21, Ch. 41, Subchapter VIII)

District of Columbia Speeding and reckless driving

(DC Code section 50-2201.04)

Florida Unlawful speed

(FS 316.183)

Georgia Speed limits

(Georgia Code 40-6-181)

Hawaii Speed restrictions; basic rule

(HRS section 291C-101)
Noncompliance with speed limit prohibited (HRS section 291C-102)

Idaho Basic rule and maximum speed limits

(ID Statutes section 49-654)

Illinois Speed Restrictions

(625 ILCS 5/11-601 to 5/11-611)

Indiana Speed Limits

(Indiana Code 9-21-5)

Iowa Speed Restrictions

(IA Code Ch. 321 scroll to sections 321.285 to 321.295)

Kansas Maximum speed limits

(KS Statutes 8-1558)

Kentucky Speed

[PDF] (KRS 189.390)
Fines for speeding [PDF] (KRS 189.394)

Louisiana Maximum speed limit

(LRS 32:61)
General speed law (LRS 32:64)

Maine Rates of speed

(MRS Title 29-A section 2074)

Maryland Speed Restrictions

(MD Transp. Code Title 21 scroll to Subtitle 8)

Massachusetts Speed limits

(90 MGL section 17)
Speed limit: Massachusetts Turnpike (90 MGL section 17A)

Michigan Speed restrictions

(MI Vehicle Code sections 257.627 to 257.633)

Minnesota Speed limits, zones; radar

(MN Statute 169.14)

Mississippi Restrictions on Speed

(MS Code Title 63, Ch. 3 scroll to Article 11)

Missouri Definitions -- maximum speed limits...-- violations, penalty

(MRS 304.010

Montana Speed restrictions

(MCA section 61-8-303)

Nebraska Speed limit violations

(R.R.S. Nebr. § 60-682.01)

Nevada Restrictions on speed

(NRS 484.361 to 484.375)

New Hampshire Speed limitations: basic rule and maximum limits

(NH Statutes 265:60)

New Jersey Rates of speed

(NJ Statutes 39:4-98 to 39:4-98.9)

New Mexico Speed regulation

(NMS 66-7-301)

New York Speed restrictions

(NY Vehicle & Traffic Code Article 30)

North Carolina Speed restrictions

(NCGS section 20-141)

North Dakota Speed restrictions

[PDF] (ND Code Chapter 39-09)

Ohio Speed Limits

(ORC section 4511.21)

Oklahoma Speed limits

(OK Statutes Title 47 scroll to 47-11-308a)

Oregon Rules of the Road: Speed

[PDF] (OR Vehicle Code scroll to 811.100 to 811.127)

Pennsylvania Rules of the Road: Speed Restrictions

[PDF] (PA Vehicle Code Ch. 33; scroll to Subchapter F)

Rhode Island Speed Restrictions

(RI Code Ch. 31-14)

South Carolina Restrictions on Speed

(SC Code Title 56, Ch. 5 scroll to Article 11)

South Dakota Speed Regulation

(SD Codified Laws Ch. 32-25)

Tennessee Speed limits - Penalties

(TN Code section 55-8-152)

Texas Operation and Movement of Vehicles

(TX Transp. Code Ch. 545.351 and 545.352)

Utah Speed Regulations

(UT Code scroll to 41-6a-601 to 41-6a-607)

Vermont Local speed limits

(23 VSA section 1007)
Basic rule and maximum limits (23 VSA section 1081)

Virginia Maximum speed limits generally

(VA Code 46.2-870)

Washington Speed restrictions: basic rules and maximum limits

(RCW section 46.61.400)

West Virginia Speed limitations generally

(WV Code section 17C-6-1)

Wisconsin Speed restrictions

[PDF] (WI Code Chapter 346 scroll to section 346.57)

Wyoming Speed Regulations

(WY Statutes Title 31, Ch. 5, Article 3)

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