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Edward Tan, JD

Edward Tan, JD

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  • Evernote Update Makes App Even More Useful for Lawyers

    Evernote just got a little cooler. An update to the cross-platform note-taking darling brings some useful new functionality to lawyers. We've talked the app's great features before. The new Android version seems to have been designed with Ice Cream Sandwich in mind. Evernote's developers have made some changes to the program's aesthetics and abilities that mesh well with the mobile OS. So what can Evernote's latest revision do for attorneys?

  • Do You Have the Right to Flip Off Cops?

    Let's face it, a lot of people dislike cops. Alright, that's not entirely true. There are a lot of good ones out there deserving of compliments. But when you run into bad ones, do you have the right to flip off cops? It might sound like a silly question, but in other parts of the world, it's serious business. For instance, a woman in Dubai was recently jailed for a month and fined for flashing her middle finger at a cop. But that was Dubai.

  • WestlawNext iPad App Now Even More Powerful, Useful

    Attorneys know that time is money. New associates will understand this lesson especially well after seeing their billable hours cut in half for the first time. But fear not, the most recent update to the WestLawNext iPad app might just be the thing to solve this most heinous of heartache. Developed by Thomson Reuters, the revised app incorporates some pretty nifty features that weren't available in previous versions.

  • Which Smartphone Should Attorneys Choose After Ditching Their BlackBerry?

    If you're an attorney with a BlackBerry, it might be time for an upgrade. Unless you like your smartphones bulky, boring, and poorly compatible with the rest of your life, that is. Don't be fooled by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion's latest plan to shutter its consumer market division and focus entirely on business users either. As of late, the grand daddy of smartphones hasn't proven itself to be much of an innovator in the corporate world.

  • Time Master + Billing App: Is it Worth Your Time?

    There are many ways for lawyers to keep track of their billable hours. From going old-school with pen and paper to using Excel spreadsheets, there are a lot of options, including using your iPhone. Time Master + Billing is one such app geared towards this purpose. Developed by On-Core Software LLC, Time Master isn't specifically designed for lawyers. Rather it's meant to be used by any hourly professional.

  • 5 Ways to Speed Up Slow Law Firm Computer Boot Times

    Slow law firm computers are the bane of most attorneys' existence. The only thing worse is having to endure needlessly long boot times beforehand. The time loss can be brutal, but there are ways to speed up the process. While buying a new computer or more RAM can obviously solve the problem, not every lawyer or firm is willing to shell out for the upgrade. Thankfully though, there are alternative ways for attorneys to cut down their PC's boot time.

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