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When you and your co-parent can't get along, it can be easy to forget the purpose of child support. The purpose is that both parents take care of their children's best interests.

Most legal issues involving children bring out intense emotions, whether child support or child custody. This makes it difficult to manage in a clear fashion. But whether you need to resolve the issue of child support payments through a divorce or you're an unmarried parent with a child support dispute, it's important to approach difficult family and economic issues with reason and objectivity.

While child support disputes have the potential to be stressful and emotional, it's in your child's best interest to get legal help when you can.

This article explains the benefits of getting professional legal help with the child support process. It provides resources for locating an attorney near you.

Issues To Consider in a Child Support Case

You have a lot to think about for child support issues. Here are some of them:

  • Has paternity been established in your case?
  • Can you and the other parent agree on a child support payment plan?
  • Will you need to go to court to get a child support order?
  • How much child support is available in your situation?
  • What factors will a court look to in setting the amount of child support?
  • If child support is not being paid, what are your enforcement options?
  • When does a child support obligation end?
  • How will child support affect your finances?
  • What is the impact of child support on your tax responsibilities?

Why You May Want to Get Legal Help With Child Support

No matter the specific circumstances of your child support case, now's the time to make sure you have an experienced child support attorney to guide you through the process. This is the case whether you're going through a divorce, seeking enforcement of a child support order, or trying to get payments reduced. Perhaps more so than in other types of civil law cases, what can be at stake in a child support dispute will seriously impact you and your child now and for many years in the future.

A family law attorney with experience handling child support matters will evaluate your case with you, identify your legal problem, explain what you can expect at every stage in the process, and identify your options. Your attorney will represent you zealously and will act to protect both your legal rights and your personal interests. They will have the goal of making sure that the outcome of your case is as favorable for you as possible.

Child Support Services

The child support services agency in your state has many resources to help with legal services. They can give you general information about child support, but the main area is child support enforcement. However, some parents can use the child support services agency for earlier stages, like getting court orders and locating parents. Agencies are an important option for parents who receive public assistance.

Resources To Get Legal Help With Child Support

There are several statewide resources for parents who need legal help with child support and other family court issues, like custody cases and domestic violence. State courts have free legal self-help programs and legal aid programs. Nonprofit organizations offer free legal help and low-cost legal help for low-income individuals. You must qualify for many of these programs by meeting certain income requirements. State bar associations offer legal clinics and self-help centers with court forms and law libraries. They can also give referrals for attorneys that take family law cases.

Get Legal Help With Child Support Today

Child support disputes can be stressful regardless of whether you are seeking support or fighting an unfair claim. Laws relating to child support are complicated and very dependent on the specific details of your situation. Getting legal assistance from a skilled professional can make a difference. Since the outcome will affect your financial life for years to come, it's in your best interest to contact a child support attorney near you. They can help you make the best choices when it comes to child support.

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Can I Solve This on My Own or Do I Need an Attorney?

  • Some states allow you to set up child support with forms and court processes
  • You may need legal help to set up or modify child support arrangements
  • If there is conflict, an attorney can advise if the other parent’s actions are legal 

Get tailored advice about paying or receiving child support. Many attorneys offer free consultations.

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Don't Forget About Estate Planning

Once new child support arrangements are in place, it’s an ideal time to create or change your estate planning forms. Take the time to add new beneficiaries to your will and name a guardian for any minor children. Consider creating a financial power of attorney so your agent can pay bills and make sure your children are provided for. A health care directive explains your health care decisions and takes the decision-making burden off your children when they become adults.

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