3 Excuses For Skipping Social Media (And How To Get Past Them)

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Over the past few years, social media has really taken off as a means of attracting new business. Consider this: 10 years ago, only 7% of the US population was using social media. Today, 76% of Americans are on social networks. (Pew Research Center Study: Social Media Usage: 2005-2015)

Given this trend, no law firm can afford not to have a social media presence. And yet, so many attorneys are still hesitant about posting to their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Today, let’s look at three of the excuses lawyers often tell themselves, and why it’s important to overcome them.

Excuse #1: Clients won’t find me on social media anyway.

Last year, 20% of legal consumers who found their attorney online learned about that attorney on social media. (2015 FindLaw Legal Consumer Needs Study) That number continues to grow each year as more and more consumers turn to social networks for everything, including legal services.

How to get past it.

If you haven’t already, set up a social media account for your law firm. At the very least, make a Facebook page for your business. This will create a space for your firm to list your contact information on Facebook and link to your website. If you’re unsure what to post on your account, check out this free playbook for some ideas.

Excuse #2: No one wants to hear what I have to say.

Remember that people in your community are looking to social media for information about nearly everything in their lives. Many legal consumers start their search with the idea that they’ll handle the issue on their own. One of the best ways you can use social media is to provide helpful information that guides potential clients to realize that they are better off seeking help from your firm, rather than attempting a DIY legal solution.

How to get past it.

Say something that people will care about. Spread the word about your firm’s recent success, share a throwback story to build some history or chime in on the hot topic of the week. You don’t need to be controversial, but go ahead and show a little personality. Honestly, social media demands a bit of an ego. Stop being so humble.

Excuse #3: My competition isn’t on social media, so I don’t need to be.

First, it’s unlikely that none of your competition is using social media. According to the American Bar Association, more than 45% of American law firms are using at least one social network.

More importantly, social media is becoming an increasingly critical component of a complete digital marketing strategy. With the explosion of mobile device capabilities, consumers are truly everywhere, all the time. If you want to attract new clients to your law firm, you need to be visible everywhere, all the time. And that includes being on social media.

How to get past it.

Think bigger than your competition. If none of them got referrals, would you stop taking them yourself? Look back at that opening paragraph: 76% of Americans are on social media. If you feel like you’re the only attorney you know doing social media, then feel proud – you’re the only attorney that is actually taking advantage of the opportunity.

What’s your excuse?

If you’re having trouble getting motivated on social media, maybe FindLaw can help. We understand the challenge of marketing your firm in a new medium, but we also know how to push past common barriers to achieve your goals.

So tell yourself, “No more excuses.” and talk to FindLaw today.

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