3 More Tips for Lawyers On LinkedIn

Think, for a moment, about how your law firm uses LinkedIn. Do you use it primarily as a place to allow others to view your resume? Perhaps you use it to keep in touch with other attorneys in the area. Maybe your law firm has already realized the benefits of using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

These are all good and valid uses for LinkedIn. But this professional social network offers much more opportunity for attorneys who know how to take advantage of it. Here are three recommendations for making the most of your LinkedIn presence:

  1. Provide useful information: LinkedIn is the social network most used by professionals. With that in mind, you can develop a strong reputation by posting relevant updates and publishing useful content to LinkedIn. Sharing a news article highlighting a noteworthy case in your practice area is one example.
  1. Protect your reputation. As in real-world referrals and networking, you lend your credibility to the people you connect with on LinkedIn. Protect your reputation by not accepting connection requests from people you do not know either professionally or personally.
  1. Demonstrate expertise, but don’t hard-sell. LinkedIn works best when you avoid overtly self-serving marketing messages. Rather than posting something such as “contact my firm when you need help,” consider posting informative updates about changes in the law or informative tips to people who might find themselves needing legal assistance.

LinkedIn is one of the many ways potential clients can find your firm online. Building a comprehensive online presence enables you to maximize the likelihood of clients finding your law firm and deciding to contact you. By following these recommendations, you can make sure that your LinkedIn presence is ready to play its part in your overall marketing strategy.

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