3 Benefits of Lead Generation for Your Law Firm

Building a successful law practice takes clients, and obtaining new leads can often be tricky. This is where Lead Generation comes in, to help bridge the gap between your next potential client and you.

Lead generation is essentially the use of a third-party service to connect the dots between you and qualified future clients. These services can filter and direct clients who have specific legal needs targeted by your practice, making a more perfect fit between you and your client.

Need more convincing? Check out these three ways in which Lead Generation can grow your business:

1. Consistent Flow of Business

Small businesses are growing in various sectors, and you should make sure that your business is among them by having a reliable stream of clients.

With a lead generation service, you won’t be personally tied up with chasing down that elusive next client. Or worse, sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. Consistency in business means security, the ability to ride through the peaks and valleys of an otherwise uncertain legal market and to focus on getting results for your clients.

Lead generation can give you that consistency, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

2. Discrete Marketing

Although there are many ways in which attorneys can use their own websites to turn visitors into potential clients, you may prefer a strategy played a little closer to the vest.

The kind of clients referred to your practice by a lead generation service will be forwarded discretely. You need not advertise your firm as a niche practice in order to get niche clients. This discretion allows your business to get clients with specific needs without interfering with your brand marketing.

3. Narrow Focus, Build Credibility

Working consistently on a specific kind of case is a fantastic way for your business to gain credibility and expertise in a narrow practice area. Lead generation services can ensure that the majority of your referred clients have issues that will build on your growing experience.

Becoming a name in a new practice area doesn’t have to be a matter of chance with lead generation.

Eager to get the right clients sent your way? Ask your local FindLaw lawyer marketing consultant about how lead generation can start expanding your practice today.

— Linda Palecek, Director, Product Solutions
with Brett Snider, FindLaw Audience Team

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