Six Things to Avoid on Your Law Firm’s Website

474818513-300x224As an attorney, you want your firm to speak as clearly as possible to potential clients who have many other legal options to choose from. That means you can’t let your most important marketing tool – your website – work against you.

Stuffing it with flashy graphics and lots of text won’t impress visitors — in fact, such fluff is more likely to drive them to a law firm that gets it right. So take a look at your website now and consider these recommendations.

Features such as pop-ups and background music might be useful if you’re selling consumer goods, but for people looking for a reputable law firm with which to do business, those website elements can appear tacky. What’s more, they also slow down the time it takes for to load on a person’s computer. They also don’t want to wade through a lot of unnecessary content to get to what they really want to know — what your firm can do to help them. A few clean, simple images are all you need.

  • No long-windedness. Get to the point: Here’s what we do and here’s what we can do for you. You can link to other information within your website, though follow these same rules on those pages as well.

A simple, uncluttered design is essential for another reason. More or more people are using their mobile devices to search for attorneys. An uncomplicated website is easier to optimize for a smartphone’s small screen so a visitor can easily use it.

Your website is a sales tool. But to use an old advertising cliché, you want to make sure it’s selling the steak, not the sizzle. Your firm’s site will impress potential clients not with frivolous features but with an easy-to-navigate design with clearly written copy that focuses on their concerns.

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