How Can Attorneys Build Real Trust Online?

How Can Attorneys Build Real Trust Online?

Want to take a simple thing and make it sound complicated? Add words like “online” or “virtual” to it. Case in point: Contrast your reaction to the idea of building trust online with your response to establishing trust in the “real world.”

The truth is, these two things simply aren’t that different. Yes, there was a time when looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand was a cornerstone to a trustworthy relationship, but we live in a different world now. The internet connects everyone to a much larger audience and the relationships attorneys used to build in-person are now born out of a digital touchpoint – which sounds more complex than it really is.

The Super Lawyers playbook Building Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide details how a firm’s online marketing efforts can create a trusting environment where consumers feel comfortable reaching out to you.

Now when legal consumers want to find an attorney they turn less to personal referrals and more to online searches. It sounds intimidating to say that building trust went from your lobby or office to a backlit screen and a few mouse clicks, but just because people are looking for you through a different medium doesn’t mean the old rules do not apply.

What counted as trustworthy 50 years ago still counts in modern times. When you show online consumers what it is that makes your firm unique and authentic they respond on a personal level. Hide these human traits and stick only to high-polish “corporate” interactions (regardless of your firm’s size) and you’re effectively building a wall between you and your audience. They might not distrust you, but they won’t feel a connection that they want to build on.

The Super Lawyers playbook lays out how to present a well rounded side of your firm and how to build off your personality to make consumers feel comfortable online. For more information on online trust download the free playbook Building Trust in a Virtual World: An Attorney’s Guide.

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