Embracing AI adoption: 4 strategies to enhance small law firm marketing

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  Enhance law firm marketing

  Accelerate client intake and communications

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No longer just a thing of science fiction novels or movies, artificial intelligence (AI) is here and becoming a part of our everyday lives. But while many attorneys at small law firms are comfortable using AI-assisted technology in their private lives — from shopping and ordering groceries to turning on the heat and lights in their homes — many remain hesitant when it comes to integrating AI solutions into their everyday law firm practices. 

However, small law firms that are able to truly see, realize, and embrace AI technology have a lot to gain today and in the future. At its core, AI aims to mimic human intelligence. This includes the abilities to conduct research, create, learn, problem solve, iterate, and improve — all with the goal of making life easier for actual human beings.  

For lawyers at small law firms, AI offers a plethora of opportunities to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and improve work-life balance. How? Let’s take a look at four ways small law firms can start using AI technology to their advantage today.  

Enhance law firm marketing

To grow your law firm, you need to find ways to engage and connect with legal consumers in need. That’s where having a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes content creation — like blogs and social media posts — comes into play.  

Much of the work involved with content ideation and creating an editorial calendar can be time consuming. AI technology can be used to quickly and easily generate content ideas that are tailored to your firm’s practice areas. Additionally, AI can take these content ideas and create an editorial calendar, helping your firm stay on track when it comes to regularly writing and publishing blog posts and social media content.  

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Accelerate client intake and communications

Won over by your marketing efforts, AI can also make communicating with legal consumers who contact and hire your law firm easier and more efficient. For example, AI-enabled web chat is a powerful client intake tool as it provides 24/7 access to your law firm by collecting and passing along the key issue and contact information of prospective clients — allowing you to easily and quickly follow up.  

Additionally, your law firm can use AI to create first drafts of numerous types of client communications. You can even specify the voice and tone that you want these communications to convey, making it easier and much less time-consuming to connect with clients at key junctures in the relationship.   

Simplify administrative tasks

From document management and time tracking to billing and invoicing, these types of non-billable administrative tasks are notoriously time consuming and dreaded by lawyers. But what if your law firm could find a way to easily and seamlessly complete these tasks in a fraction of the time and without the intense mental focus they often require? The utility of AI technology really comes into focus when attorneys realize that they no longer need to spend their precious hours on administrative tasks like these — freeing them up to focus on work that is more interesting, engaging, and lucrative.   

Streamline legal research and data analysis

Researching legal topics and analyzing data are tasks that are integral to every attorney’s job. But like administrative tasks, they can also be extremely time-consuming. Thankfully, AI technology can significantly reduce the amount of time and mental power lawyers spend conducting legal research, collecting data, synthesizing information, and preparing reports. Using AI technology in this way frees up the mental space an attorney needs to be strategic, tackle problems, and provide the advice, counsel, and representation clients need.   

Ready to see how AI can help your small law firm?

With AI, it’s not an all or nothing deal. Lawyers can be selective and choose how they want to use AI to their advantage. For attorneys at small law firms, finding smart and strategic ways to adopt and use AI can usher in more time and opportunities to help clients, solve problems, and grow your business.  

Want to learn more about AI and ways your small law firm can use it to your advantage? Download our guide, “How small law firms can harness AI’s potential now and in the future.”  

Guide: How small law firms can harness AI’s potential now and in the future

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI have given attorneys the opportunity to enhance client service, streamline firm operations, and improve their marketing efforts.

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