Even More Tips for Your Best Attorney Headshot

Even More Tips for Your Best Attorney Headshot

In a previous post, I listed some general guidelines for how to take your best attorney headshot. I discussed the merits of presenting yourself as a likeable and trustworthy attorney and how to appeal to the basic human impulses of your potential clients.

But a lot of attorneys remain stymied by some of the more artistic and technical aspects of their headshots. With that in mind, here are a few more tips to make sure you’re putting your best face forward online.

  • Use appropriate body language. Beyond simply smiling for the camera, consider the message your physical presence carries. Many defense or personal injury firms aim to portray themselves as tenacious and strong. But crossed arms often look more smug than confident and being tough is not the same as being angry or unapproachable.
  • Experiment with your composition. A unique photo is a memorable photo so ask your photographer to try different angles, lighting and cropping. Get outside of your office if necessary and try to capture yourself from the mid-shoulder up. A closely-cropped photo is typically far more interesting and flattering than a full-body shot.
  • Dress for visual success. When choosing your wardrobe for your photograph, go for simplicity over flair. Wear a color that is slightly darker than natural skin tone and avoid busy patterns. This is doubly important during a video shoot, where small patterns can visually dance across the screen as you move.
  • Likewise, avoid busy backgrounds. Images of an attorney in front of a wall of books aren’t just clichéd, they’re distracting. Ask your photographer to use a broad depth of field to help the background fade away and place the focus on you.
  • Match your image to your brand. If you have multiple attorneys in your firm, try to maintain some degree of uniformity while still revealing everyone’s unique personalities. And don’t ignore your support staff. Showcasing all of the people who contribute to your clients’ success is an excellent way to build a sense of trust online.

Remember, your headshot is just as much of a marketing tactic as your biography. As in all things, keep your audience in mind when being photographed. Speak to their desires above your own ego and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.


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