More Facebook Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

Last month, I answered a few of the more basic questions many lawyers have about Facebook. If you’re stymied by Likes and Shares, give that post a quick read.

This month, let’s continue addressing some of the questions that many law firms have, but are afraid to ask.

What’s the difference between a personal Facebook page and a Business page?

This might be one of the most important distinctions for attorneys to understand about Facebook. On social media, it’s crucial to draw a hard line between your personal and professional life. When you ignore this boundary, both sides could suffer. Your personal Facebook page is about you, the individual. You will have “friends” and you will “like” other people’s content. This is the page most people think of, the one with family photos and notes about personal accomplishments. This is a personal space that you should only invite known, trusted individuals to see.

On the other hand, a Facebook Business page is public-facing and should primarily reflect your law firm in general. Think of it this way: Would you be comfortable with a client seeing, reading or knowing this about you? Your children’s names, spouse’s career, your recent family vacation — even your opinions on something as simple as a movie you’ve seen recently. All of these things are commonly shared among Facebook friends, but are inappropriate (or possibly unsafe) for posting on your Business page. Instead, focus on things like recent firm accomplishments, upcoming firm-sponsored events, and your perspective on legal news for the firm’s business page.

Why should I care how many followers I have?

At one level, the number of followers you have is actually not particularly important. Most of your firm’s posts will be seen by about 2 percent of the people who follow your firm’s Facebook page. However, legal consumers who have heard about your firm will come to your Facebook page looking for validation that you are a firm they can trust. When that happens, pages with more followers appear more legitimate: that number of followers indicates that other members of the community already trust you.

Are my clients really on Facebook?

Yes. While most people think of social media as being the realm of the young, Facebook has an appeal that spans almost every generation alive today. Unsurprisingly, the Pew Research Center found that Facebook is most popular among 18 to 29-year-olds. But even among internet users age 65 and up, 48 percent are on Facebook. Look closer at the research and you’ll also see that Facebook is most popular among internet users making $75,000 and up annually. If your firm relies on a mature, financially capable base of clients, they really are on Facebook.

Remember: It’s about building a relationship.

If all of this seems frivolous or you’re still not completely on board with the idea of marketing your law firm on Facebook, remember that online marketing is about building relationships over time with current and potential clients. A good relationship requires effort. So yes, you will have to put in the time with Facebook, but it’s all in an effort to build your law firm’s brand — and eventually expand your business.

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