FindLaw partners with YouTube to launch nationwide Family Law/Divorce campaign

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The campaign features commercials designed to reach tens of millions of married Americans 

Each year, searches for “divorce attorney” experience a notable spike after the holiday season, making March the busiest month for divorce filings. According to recent Google insights, January 2024 saw a noteworthy 14.38% upsurge in divorce law search queries and a 7.26% increase in searches related to family law as a whole.  

For small and solo law firms specializing in divorce or family law, these findings present an opportunity to capitalize on the influx of potential clients seeking legal assistance. Now is the time to partner with FindLaw to ensure your practice is directly in the path of highly motivated divorce consumers. 

Additionally, the FindLaw team is running a large video campaign to drive even more traffic to where visitors can learn more and connect with attorneys listed in our legal directories. 

Advertising on FindLaw legal directories

The FindLaw network of legal directories includes,,, and Each option brings attorneys a unique audience of potential clients who search in different ways. Plus, advertising in more than one directory also allows you to expand your visibility to multiple target audiences.   

By listing your divorce or family law practice on a FindLaw legal directory, you can meet legal consumers where they’re at and be the trusted resource that they need. Research also shows that visitors who are referred via FindLaw’s directories are three times more likely to contact a law firm than visitors who solely use Google.  

Boosting your firm’s FindLaw directory profile allows you to stand out among competitors in your region, giving you the chance to expand your client base and establish a strong online presence. You can simultaneously showcase your expertise and reinforce your brand by highlighting accolades like special credentials and client testimonials. You’ll also be able to target your audience effectively, increasing the chances of converting website visitors into potential clients. 

During this peak season, advertising on a FindLaw legal directory can help you drive more family law clients to your firm and ultimately grow your business. Watch the videos below to learn more, then schedule a call with your local FindLaw consultant today.

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