Four Things Legal Blogs Can Do For Your Firm

Does your law firm have a legal blog? Do you know why or why not?

Existential crises aside, sometimes it’s wise to simply take stock of which marketing tactics you’re employing and to what end. So if you haven’t thought about the big picture behind legal blogs lately, take a moment to consider just what they can do.

  1. They Provide Search Engine Optimization
    One of the most important benefits of legal blogs is the contribution they can make to your overall search engine optimization. Search engines index blog entries far faster than traditional web pages, and blog posts are generally much easier to produce. With modern blogging platforms bringing basic web publishing to the masses, blogs make it easy for attorneys to add volume to their websites with relatively little effort and relatively quick results.
  1. They Reinforce Your Credibility
    While the SEO benefits of blogging happen behind the scenes, the boost in credibility you receive from blogging is very much in the public eye. Not only will your readers see you as an expert in your field, you’ll feel the benefits in “real life.” The time you spend researching and writing will force you to develop your understanding of your topic, and expressing that understanding in accessible terms will teach you to speak the language of consumers – a skill helpful with both clients and juries.
  1. They Build Your Brand
    Blogs offer an outstanding opportunity for law firms to reinforce their brands online. Think about it, every single blog entry is a chance to show your audience who you are and what you stand for. Is your legal practice a staunch defender of divorced fathers’ rights? Explain why in your blog. Support your position with occasional related posts and link back to previous entries when you can. Your blog is your forum. Use it wisely and to your advantage.
  1. They Enable Flexibility
    In our free playbook, Lawyer Marketing 102 we stated that your firm’s online content should feature a consistent voice. While this remains true for a blog the medium is, by nature, less formal. This provides attorneys with a degree of flexibility not necessarily available to them elsewhere. Your blog can be used to discuss legal issues that you find interesting, but that might not be germane to your core website. In addition, law firms looking to branch into new practice areas might use their blogs as a space to rehearse or fine-tune their specific messaging before officially adjusting their website.

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