Webcast: Understanding the Psychology of Your Prospects

These days, to be successful, a law firm needs to have an online presence, especially a website. But to truly benefit—and to avoid getting burned—you need to fully understand the basic needs of the prospects you’re trying to reach. Our next FindLaw webcast does just that.

Think about your firm’s current website. Maybe you’re happy with how it looks. The design is aesthetically pleasing and clean. All your accomplishments are nicely listed on your bio page. Plus that lawyer down the street mentioned how much he liked the design. But while your website may look good, it also needs to be optimized for conversion. What is conversion? It’s the science of getting site visitors to actually contact your law firm, and then converting them into paying clients.

And it really is a science. Conversion-optimized websites all share one element in common: They’re grounded in a solid understanding of the way humans make decisions. To provide that understanding, tune in to Psychological Factors that Drive Law Firm Website Success, which will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 2014. There are two sessions available, 1 p.m. CT and 3 p.m. CT. Register here.

During the 45-minute webcast, you’ll learn techniques to help you capitalize on the emotional factors that motivate website visitors to take action. Experts will teach you how to appeal to the real risks your potential clients are facing. They will also show you how to design elements and strategies which signal that your firm is trustworthy – and how to determine if your site addresses potential client needs.

The featured speakers are:

  • Michael Owen Hill, FindLaw Product Manager. Michael focuses on industry-leading solutions that help law firms attract new clients and grow their practices.
  • Andrea Getman, FindLaw Digital Marketing Expert, Web Conversion. Andrea’s areas of expertise include usability, user experience and conversion.

The webcast will be a highly informative session that any firm can benefit from. Register here.

If you still have questions about how to improve your firm’s conversion rate contact your local FindLaw lawyer marketing consultant. As a leader in lawyer marketing services, FindLaw can help you apply a strategy to connect with potential clients.

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