Get More DUI Clients by “Getting” DUI Clients

Understanding your audience is the secret to connecting with them. This is true in most every business, but especially for law firms serving clients in more urgent and stressful situations – like those facing drunk driving charges. These clients have a lot at stake and need an attorney who understands their situation. With that in mind, here are four elements of this market that you cannot ignore.

  1. 070115_DUIAgeGraph-300x223Gender/Age/Lifestyle
    As you may have guessed, your target demographic is young males. Men account for three-quarters of all drunk driving arrests, and drivers between 21 to 35 constitute the majority of offenders. Given that these consumers tend to be technically savvy and perpetually connected, your best chance to reach them may be through social media, gaming, sports or entertainment sites. Imagery and copy should skew toward males in their twenties or early thirties.
  1. State-specific Laws and Language
    DUI regulations and terminology vary from state to state. Although DUI is the most common acronym, DWI, OWI, OUI and OVI are a few of the variations. Your DUI clients will want to know how their state’s laws relate to their particular circumstances. For instance, can they be charged with a DUI if they refused to participate in a breathalyzer test, were just sleeping in the car or were in the passenger seat? Was their blood alcohol limit over the legal limit? Are there special programs for first-time DUI offenders? Addressing questions like these in your marketing while conveying a sense of urgency can be a powerful call to action: “Arrested for DUI? You have X days until you lose your license. What’s your plan?”
  1. Cost and Consequences
    Once an arrestee sobers up, the first question on their mind will be, “How can a lawyer help me fight this DUI?” Make sure your law firm’s marketing always communicates that yes, you can help: “A DUI arrest is not an automatic conviction. The right attorney may prevent you from losing your license, paying significant fines and having a criminal record.”In your initial conversation, your client will be seeking to understand what penalties they’re facing. Our research has shown some of the top questions to be: Am I going to have to go to jail? How long will I be without my driver’s license? What are the penalties for repeat offenders? Is an ignition interlock going to be required?Once those burning questions are answered, the next question on an offender’s mind is typically, “How much will this cost me?” To the best of your ability, communicate what they can expect to pay in fines as well as the cost of additional penalties such as ignition interlock and alcohol awareness classes. They are also likely to ask what your attorney fees will be and what impact the DUI will have on their insurance.
  1. Seasonality/Holidays
    When should you market your firm’s DUI services? Anytime and all the time. Driving under the influence is always in season; there are no slow periods. That said, three-day weekends and holidays associated with heavy drinking produce a bumper crop of drunk drivers. The top “party-hearty” holidays for DUI arrests are, in order, New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day and the Fourth of July. Memorial Day and Labor Day aren’t far behind. Time your ads accordingly. Pay-per-click ads will likely perform better on New Year’s Day than on Earth Day.

Ultimately, gaining insight into the characteristics and mindset of your DUI clients will help you anticipate their needs, answer their questions more effectively and position your law firm as a trusted resource.

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