Giving People What They Want – the Rising Popularity of Web Chat

Rising Popularity of Web Chat

People are faced with making a lot of decisions nowadays. Whether it’s deciding to Uber or drive, call or text, we have a lot to think about. And while so many choices may sound daunting, people actually enjoy having options. It’s why online chat is so attractive to legal consumers.

Years ago, chat services were mostly used by cell phone and utility companies to address customer needs. But now, businesses of all kinds are implementing the service as people transition much of their buying habits online. It’s typical for people to have questions when making purchase decisions, especially when they’re doing it all behind the comfort of their computer screens. Web chat provides a convenient and immediate way to get help without the wait time of an email or inquiry form.Online Chat Playbook Cover

So how does it work? FindLaw’s platform relies on representatives to start a conversation with someone interested in your firm by learning more about their legal issue and gathering intake information needed to return their message. After the conversation is over, you’ll receive an email of each chat transcript, helping you decide which consumers are a priority for your firm.

While web chat saves you time and energy triaging prospects, it’s also extremely appealing to people interested in your firm. According to FindLaw’s 2018 Consumer Legal Needs Survey, more than 50 percent of consumers would consider using a chat center to help gather legal information. This growing popularity means that as legal consumers become more open to the platform, law firms like yours can use it to attract more potential clients.

The perks of web chat

It uncovers pain points.

Offering web chat on your website can help uncover frequent issues your prospects may be experiencing online. For example, if chat representatives are receiving reoccurring questions, you can react by including this information as part of your firm’s FAQs or on your site’s homepage. Unlike phone calls or emails where just one person is dealing with a customer, chat transcripts can be shared with a variety of people at your firm, making it easy to discover and address persistent problems quickly.

It’s the proactive choice.One of the main advantages web chat has over phone or email is the ultimate availability it offers customers. No matter the time of day a situation arises, providing an option for prospects to immediately initiate contact with your firm boosts your chances of converting a lead. Web chat can also be enticing to the passive customer not quite ready to make that official connection. Talking to a representative gives people an informal chance to find out more about an issue without feeling like they’re putting in a lot of work.

It makes a good first impression.You want to make a good impression on your prospects, right? What’s better than offering a swift step towards resolution. Giving potential clients the option to chat with a live person establishes a sense of confidence while also helping to ease concerns and anxiety. And quite simply, it provides the human touch people are looking for without the added effort of picking up the phone or having to visit your firm before they’re ready.

It manages expectations.Now more than ever, people want to be instantly gratified. According to Zendesk, nearly 80 percent of customers expect companies to respond to emails in half a day and 66 percent assume an issue will be resolved immediately if they call a company. If you’re like most firms, you don’t have the bandwidth to meet those kinds of expectations. Web chat is a smart way of putting prospects first, providing the instant interaction people are used to getting on text or instant message. The other benefit? It reduces your staff’s time responding to emails and answering phone calls.

It seals the deal.Online chat has an incredible success rate in moving engaged prospects into connected clients. Because of its accessibility, chat typically results in a more positive experience for customers. In fact, areport by ICMIfound that website visitors that engage via chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t.

Listen to the chatter

Want to learn more? Download Online Chat: A Marketing Playbook for Attorneys to take a deeper look at web chat and how this platform can benefit your firm.

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