How Does a Boutique Law Firm Use Social Media Marketing

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Social media is more than just a place to share memes or connect with childhood friends. Instead, it is a powerful marketing tool that companies use to increase brand visibility and, ultimately, convert leads. 

However, social media marketing is more nuanced than traditional forms of marketing. The goal is not to sell products or services outright but to spur engagement through content that stimulates discussion, provides useful information, and creates brand loyalty.

It makes sense for a boutique law firm to rely on social media marketing because it’s more affordable than traditional marketing and readily customizable to suit a given firm’s needs and demographic. 

Which platforms should I use?

If you’re just starting a social marketing campaign, you should use platforms you’re already familiar with, especially if you post regularly and have followers. You can establish a presence on one or two platforms, then build from there. 

There is no right or wrong answer about which social platform to use. It mainly depends on the audience you want to reach. If your target demographic is under 35, for instance, you may be better off using Instagram than Facebook.

Is it okay to post the same content on each of them?

In a nutshell, no. Each platform has its own distinct way of disseminating content, and you should tailor your content accordingly: 

  • LinkedIn is well suited to thought pieces that take a deeper dive into your firm’s niche specialties.
  • Facebook is a great platform for re-posting content from your website. You can also use Facebook ads to direct readers to targeted firm landing pages.
  • Twitter allows you to share newsworthy articles with your followers and post original graphics that provide relevant industry information and legal tips.  
  • Instagram allows you to express your firm’s personality and brand through photos and personal stories.

How does the magic work?

Essentially, the goal of social media marketing is to create content that your followers not only enjoy but also want to share with others in their network. The more “likes,” shares, and comments on your post, the more visibility it will have.

To create great content, you need to understand what your target audience responds to best. You can track engagement through Google Analytics or use platforms like Hootsuite and Social Sprout to see which posts resonate most.

Gone are the days when you could just post stellar content and garner a solid social media presence. Instead, social media marketing is now a complex enterprise based on understanding best SEO practices and platform algorithms.

For instance, paid social media — such as Facebook Ads — is one cost-effective way of boosting engagement. Another is to hire a professional social media strategist or content marketing agency that specializes in the legal industry.

The bottom line

Social media marketing is an excellent way for boutique law firms to create brand recognition, recruit new employees, and increase ROI. Even paid social media is more cost-effective than billboard ads and traditional print advertising. Learn more about using social media marketing by downloading our free guide Branding and social media: How they work together to build your firm’s business.

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