Love Your Lawyer Day: 4 ways to celebrate

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On the first Friday in November — this year, that’s Friday, November 3 — we observe Love Your Lawyer Day. Since its inception in 2001, Love Your Lawyer Day has been an occasion to celebrate all the good things lawyers do for their communities and for lawyers to give back.  

Here at FindLaw, we hope Love Your Lawyer Day can serve as a reminder of the tremendous impact that legal professionals can make. If you could use some help figuring out how to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day, consider these four ideas:

1. Get out there in the community

Love Your Lawyer Day is a great opportunity to remind people of all the good that lawyers do. You can add some shine to the public’s impression of lawyers by: 

  • Offering to speak or present at a high school or college. Who knows? By giving students insight into what your job is really like, you could be helping foster a new generation of lawyers. 
  • Donate materials you find useful, like reference books or professional development materials, to a local library or law school. As with any kind of donation, make sure this is an intentional gift on your part and is welcomed by the recipient — this is not an opportunity to just get rid of stuff you have had lying around for a while. 
  • Thank others for their service to the public. That could be volunteers, nonprofit leaders, neighborhood leaders, teachers, and so on. It takes all kinds of people to keep the world turning, and it fits the spirit of Love Your Lawyer Day to help the profession by showing gratitude to the many others who make invaluable contributions, just like you do.

2. Support your colleagues

Is there something you could do to help other lawyers in your community? Almost all states have a program meant to support lawyers who are struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or other personal problems (check out the American Bar Association’s directory of such organizations to find yours). A donation to such a group would surely be appreciated and put to good use.  

Another thing to try might be to reach out to another lawyer whom you think could use even just a friendly gesture. It doesn’t have to be anything big — an email that has nothing to do with work, an offer to have coffee, or something along those lines. None of us ever know how much such gestures can mean to someone who needs them.

3. Have some fun

Love Your Lawyer Day is as much an occasion to have a little fun as it is to give back. Feel free to think outside of the box, since Love Your Lawyer Day comes only once a year. What about… 

  • A one-weekend film festival of classic legal movies, like “My Cousin Vinny” or “12 Angry Men”? 
  • A trivia night with other attorneys and law firms? Think categories like “Famous Supreme Court Cases” or “Obscure Latin Phrases.” 
  • A costume party where attendees are asked to dress like an attorney or judge from literature?

4. Practice self-care

It’s been known for a long time that lawyers are stressed out, overworked, and neglectful of their own well-being, and it’s only recently that the profession has begun to take the issue seriously. Think of self-care as any action to take care of yourself so you can remain physically, mentally, and emotionally present and strong. No matter what that means to you — an outdoor activity, some time with your significant other without your phone, or a hobby you haven’t gotten to do for a while — Love Your Lawyer Day is a perfect time to engage with it. 

If there is one final thing to be said about Love Your Lawyer Day, it’s this: Thank you. As an attorney, you provide a vital service to society, work tirelessly on behalf of your clients, and make your community a better place. 

Get in on the fun with FindLaw

We work with lawyers and lawyers only at FindLaw, so Love Your Lawyer Day is a pretty big deal to us. This year, we’re giving away prizes like a Yeti tumbler and a free t-shirt to fully show our appreciation. Learn more at our Love Your Lawyer Day page and join us in celebrating attorneys! 

Taking time to volunteer as a lawyer this Love Your Lawyer Day

Love Your Lawyer Day is a celebration of all the good things about being an attorney. Here’s how you can volunteer and give back to communities this year.

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