Do Informal Videos Have A Place In Law Firm Marketing?

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve noticed that I often discourage attorneys from amateur filmmaking. My argument has generally come back to one about quality. A professional video has it, amateur usually doesn’t.

But there’s no denying that creating video is becoming easier and easier. As the technology has allowed handheld video recording on your phone, many social platforms have followed suit, making sharing those videos a very simple move.

Even easier, live streaming of videos – those shot on the fly – is just a click away for the top social media platforms. This simplicity and a user base that has grown very comfortable behind the camera has made live streaming the biggest video trend of 2016. Social Media Examiner reported in May that 50 percent of marketers plan on using live video this year. (Thirty-nine percent of that group actually plan to increase their use.)

So what is “live video” and does it have a role in your law firm?

Live video is exactly what it sounds like: video that is recorded and broadcast simultaneously. No post-production editing, no cuts, re-shoots, or do-overs. “This lawyer video is filmed in front of a live internet audience.”

Live videos are timely. And such a vibrant, organic approach to content marketing can be extremely valuable to your firm.

For example, any firm engaging in social media marketing knows that you need worthwhile content to share. Creating live video and streaming it directly to your followers sends a message that your firm is approachable and flexible – adapting to changing times and technologies.

This is a great way to bring your law firm to life and create a connection with your audience. You might even get a type of conversation going with your community that could not be achieved in any other way.

Keep your live videos simple in both style and substance. You should absolutely use a professional video provider like FindLaw for educational or informational videos that aim to show your firm in a high-polish, controlled format.

Use them to create “slice of life” content that gives your followers an insight into your day. If you’re looking for an analogue, consider shooting a 15-20 second live video of your thoughts on a current event rather than typing a Facebook or Twitter post.

Disclaimer: All the usual rules of what to say (and what not to say) still apply.

Keep in mind you are also a professional business. If you successfully connect with your audience through streaming, then it’s definitely time to bring some professionally produced video to your marketing strategy. You’ll be confident that your audience will respond to the format, and you’ll even have greater control over the message being delivered.


Tips for Live Streaming

  • Consider your video’s title when sharing. A catchy or engaging title will encourage potential viewers to stop scrolling and watch.
  • Always ask your audience to comment and “like” your business page.
  • While you are broadcasting, watch the comments section. If you get responses, interact with your audience right then and there.
  • Go live often. Keep trying new ways to reach your audience.
  • If your video is still relevant after your initial broadcast, share and promote it more than once.

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