Law Firm Website Design Must-Haves

Today, your firm’s website has become the main window for potential clients to get a glimpse of who you are and how you can help. That’s no small task. Given the important job your website needs to accomplish, it’s’ wise to take a hard look at your site and make necessary updates and changes.

Turn your website into a powerful marketing and sales tool

Think about how you put clients at ease when they’re in your office. You provide a professional setting, break down complex legal advice so it’s easy to understand, and help clients navigate tricky situations. These are exactly the things you want to present and convey to potential clients via your website, and they can be accomplished through design.

In FindLaw’s newest guide, we look at nine attributes of website design that digitally set the tone for your firm. These are elements that can help your firm get (and keep) search engines’ attention, convey your brand and value proposition, and connect with prospective clients.

Here are a few website design principles to consider:

They look sharp

Again, think back to having a client in your office and the things that help set the tone: professionalism, clarity, and ease. Your website’s design should display these same qualities.

Consider using a simple design layout for your website. One that offers a fair amount of white space – room between words and imagery that keeps a visitor from feeling visually overwhelmed – and a clean typeface. Words should be minimal and well-chosen, and photos should be appropriate and engaging.

Oftentimes, a website will use a “hero image” – a large photo that’s prominently displayed on the homepage accompanied with a welcoming message. It’s intended to spark emotion. Depending on your practice area, consider using photos of happy smiling people or a beautiful scenic view. You can also create a hero image of yourself and other principals at your firm, as potential clients will be interested to see who might be their legal representative (hero) in the near future.

They offer a virtual handshake

When the goal of your website is to convert site visitors into clients, you need to foster connection and encourage action. This can best be done on a website using a call to action, or CTA.

A CTA is just what it sounds like – a direct step for potential clients to perform. On your website, the action you want visitors to take won’t be a list of your services, your professional bio, or a well-written blog post, although all those things absolutely play a role in helping convince a legal consumer to contact you. It also won’t be a hard sell of professional services or a high-pressured now-or-never scare tactic.

The specific step you want visitors to take on your website is actually pretty simple: Get in touch. You want to get them in that (virtual) chair in your (virtual) office to chat about their legal needs.

To reinforce this, every page of your firm’s site should direct visitors to take action. You want to ensure that the tools to get a conversation started with your firm are always within reach. Make sure your phone number and a link to a short contact form are visible at the top of every page, and the full contact form is near the bottom. Your phone number should also be setup as a click-to-call button when used on a mobile device, allowing an easy, positive user experience.

They’re data-driven

Ever wonder if your marketing tactics are really working? One of the benefits of a website is having reliable ways to track and measure performance. How many people are visiting your site? What pages are they looking at? How many are filling out the contact form? All of these questions can be answered using website data analytics. Through performance partners, such as Adobe and Google, your firm can glean insights on your website and its visitors – making it easy for you to adjust your marketing strategy as needed.

Check your website data at least once a month and make necessary minor changes, but hold off on making major changes until you have several months of data to assess. Often, good things take time, and your online strategy may just need a little longer to fully get up and running.

Now is the time

In the current COVID-19 climate, more than ever, your website is the storefront to your business. Now is the time to assess and address the overall design – making it a solid reflection of your firm, what you stand for, and how you can help.

To further ensure your website is performing for you, download a copy of our new guide: 9 Law Firm Website Design Must-Haves to Cut Through the Clutter.


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