New Solutions for Managing Your Law Firm’s Reputation Online

New Solutions for Managing Your Law Firm's Reputation Online
In the old days, your reputation was built on word of mouth alone. And while a good word and reference from a former client still matters, much of your reputation has moved online. The trouble starts with just how massive the internet is. It’s almost impossible to keep up with what prospects and consumers are saying about you through ratings and reviews on multiple sites. At FindLaw, we survey legal consumers every year, and the importance of your online reputation is one of the leading factors they consider when researching an attorney. That’s why FindLaw originally created our Reputation Management solutions and it's why we've recently expanded their capabilities. Our new solutions are designed to audit your reputation, monitor what consumers are saying online and generate more ratings for your firm.

Do you know your online reputation?

It all starts with knowing what’s out there. Word of mouth travels only so far, usually contained to a small network of your clients’ trusted colleagues, family or friends. Now, the internet has increased the scope of your reputation beyond referrals. These days, legal consumers who are complete strangers can find what former clients say about you. There are probably ratings and reviews of your law firm on the internet already. Unfortunately, they may be scattered throughout local websites, Google SERPS, social media and other avenues you haven't even considered. FindLaw can help by taking stock of your online reputation across multiple channels and giving you a detailed outlook of your law firm's standing. You'll know your present condition so you can begin planning your next move.

Keep up with your reputation.

Once you have a complete picture of your online reputation, it’s time to monitor how your ratings grow from there. The internet is constantly evolving so what consumers are saying about you today might not be what they’re saying tomorrow. FindLaw’s online Review Platform equips you with an online dashboard of your law firm's latest ratings. You can keep up with your digital reputation in real time, and respond to consumer reviews that are both positive and negative. Why? Thanking clients who leave you a positive rating is an easy way to reinforce their impression of you even after their case has ended. Meanwhile, responding thoughtfully to negative reviews probably won't sway your former client, but it could convince the next prospect that you are honest, forthcoming and care about your missteps as much as your successes.

When it's time to grow...

FindLaw's upgraded reputation solutions also offer Client Pulse – a customer survey sent to your clients once you’ve finished their case. The Client Pulse survey asks a series of questions – much like you’d receive after a doctor’s visit – about their experience. At the end of the survey, clients are asked to rate your firm. With Client Pulse, you'll get a sense of the health of your legal practice while also building a cadre of reviews. It's an excellent means of uncovering the details of your client experience that you may not have known otherwise.

Don't put your head in the sand.

If you're still reading, this probably won't apply to you. But there are some attorneys out there who adopt a "no news is good news" approach to their online reputation. Well, the modern digital landscape says otherwise. Google, Facebook and other heavy hitters are now prioritizing businesses and law firms with more reviews. They’re doing this because of consumer demand. Be it Amazon or Yelp, wherever the ratings and reviews craze started, everyone is taking notice. Having no reputation online will soon hurt your law firm in local searches and SEO. If you’ve been putting off, let FindLaw help you get started. Make an appointment today and start taking control of your good name.

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