Objections To Social Media From Lawyers

Objections are as much a part of legal arguments as the argument itself. It is no wonder then that lawyers seem to have objections to things beyond the courtroom. When it comes to social media, concerns surrounding benefits, time commitment and unique content creation are common among lawyers and law firms concerned about moving into this space as part of their overall lawyer marketing approach.

Enter FindLaw. With a variety of social media solutions to fit any law firm, FindLaw can help attorneys effectively communicate on various social networks and see the positive results that come with it. Let’s take this conversation to courtroom-style that lawyers would be familiar with and look at the top lawyer objections to social media and FindLaw’s rebuttals.

  • My prospective clients don’t use social media to find an attorney.

Clients are turning to social media to find legal help and look up peer recommendations. With the number of social media users growing at a rapid pace, this is a trend that will continue and grow in importance. In fact, a 2014 report from the American Bar Association showed 23 percent of respondents reported that their social media use resulted in getting new clients.

  • Social media is too time-consuming.

We get it, you don’t have enough time to do your work, let alone take on something new like social media. FindLaw’s Social Media Solutions can help with this concern by providing clients with easy content creation, a distribution platform and network-building services to expand clients’ reach. Worry that social media is too risky? Not sure if social media has a place in legal marketing? Ethical guidelines outlined by local Bar Associations for blogs and websites should serve as a great guide for professional social media practices.

  • I don’t want to mix my personal and professional life.

The good news is you don’t have to. Law firm social media profiles can be made distinct from personal profiles and FindLaw can show you how to ensure that these two don’t overlap if you don’t want them to.

  • I will look like I have too much time on my hands.

Think of social media marketing as an extension of networking rather than your free time. Keeping your content and responses relevant and timely will show another side of your practice, while simultaneously providing value to your law firm.

Social media is increasingly becoming more valuable to businesses with each passing year. Opting out of this growing opportunity could mean you’re missing out on business opportunities and losing potential clients. If you aren’t fully comfortable with this ever-changing scene, contact a FindLaw consultant today and see how our experienced team can make social media work for your firm.

— Jim Schonrock, Sr. Director of Product Management
with Laura Strachan, FindLaw Audience Team

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