Paid Social Promotion: Totally Worth It

Paid promotion on Facebook is one of the best values on the web today. In the history of marketing, there has never been a more serendipitous alignment of audience, specificity and price. Consider:

The Audience

The pool of prospective clients on Facebook is almost unimaginable. Sound hyperbolic? When marketing firms talk about Facebook users just within the United States, they use numbers like 162 million. Consider that the Pew Research Center reported 79 percent of online adults were Facebook users in 2016. These aren’t just teenagers and college students. The same survey found 72 percent of online adults aged 50 to 64 subscribe to Facebook, and 77 percent of online adults with an annual household income of $75,000 or more were on Facebook. Sound like your type of client?

The Specificity

Nobody knows more about their user base than Facebook. Every interaction with the site, from initial signup to the latest click, is noticed and used to paint a more thorough picture of every user on the site, the ways they use it and the messages and information they want from their network. This laser-like specificity presents an unprecedented opportunity for law firms to target their message to the exact audience they want. It’s what makes Facebook so exciting to law firms. With Facebook, you spend just what you want to put your message exactly where you want it.

The Price

What would you spend to reach 1,000 prospective clients with the age and income you want? Would $100 be too much? $50? How about $10? It’s been done. FindLaw’s own work has generated costs-per-click as low as $1 for our clients. And within the legal industry, the paid social promotion surface is just getting scratched. It’s only a matter of time before these prices increase as more firms take to Facebook. But for now, promoting your firm doesn’t get much more affordable than this.

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