Podcast: Do Silver Bullets Exist with Digital Marketing?

What’s the newest trick to get law firms to the top of search results? The program that anticipates what Google will do next? The keyword generator that spits out the magic phrases?

It’s a trick question. There are no silver bullets when it comes to legal digital marketing. That’s the message that FindLaw Vice President of Performance Jim Schonrock delivered last month to the Fourth Annual Super Marketing Conference in Boston.

It’s a common but erroneous notion many attorneys have: “If I put all my efforts into ranking high for vanity searches (e.g. Chicago DUI lawyer), that guarantees me the best ROI.” It’s just not that simple. In an unprecedented study, FindLaw discovered that more in-depth searches (e.g. Chicago 2nd DUI truck driving license lost) are more commonly used by attorney-seekers today. It’s the “unclaimed territory of search” for attorneys, and this space is full of potential if they employ an integrated marketing approach. That means a plan that maximizes social media, local search and mobile.

You can listen to a short interview of Jim discussing these concepts here or below. And a special thanks to the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program for putting on a spectacular conference!

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