Ready to shed that holiday weight?

bicyclists on a bridge

If you’re anything like most people, you spent most of December in a food coma. Maybe it was the holiday parties or that chocolate pie your aunt makes every year or even just a few extra cookies since it’s cold outside. Any way you slice it, it’s hard to keep off the pounds toward the end of the year. Now the guilt, that probably hit around New Year’s Day prompting half off sales on athletic apparel and a rush of new gym memberships.

But committing to a healthier lifestyle isn’t the only resolution you can make this year. A better approach to legal marketing could go hand in hand with those January days on the treadmill. After all, the two have more in common than you may think. And the lessons of personal trainers everywhere can teach us a lot about how to “see results” from online marketing.

You’re Gonna Need A Goal

It’s simple. Without a goal to hit, you’ll never feel like you’re making progress. This applies to hours spent on the elliptical and dollars spent on advertising. We’ve written before on how to set goals for your business, but don’t skip this important step. It’ll give you something to measure yourself against and make the time you spend this year worth the effort.

You’re Gonna Need A Plan

Both fitness and marketing take a measured amount of thought and preparation. Before starting a new workout regimen you need to plan what days of the week you’ll exercise, what you’ll do on those days and the nutrition you need to recover. Likewise, when developing an online marketing strategy, you should identify just how and when you’ll be able to incorporate marketing activities into your schedule and your budget.

Since these two ideas go hand in hand, throughout the month of January we’ll be sharing some of our fitness and marketing goals. Like most resolutions, it may be hard to stick with, but by doing so 2017 could be the year your firm takes the next step in business development.

Better start stretching now, the New Year’s goals turn into actions quicker than expected!


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