Super Lawyers website redesign improves navigation, highlights vetted attorneys

Searching for an experienced attorney often involves much consideration, and well-established attorneys want to seamlessly connect with their prospective clients. FindLaw has made the process easier for both consumers seeking legal assistance and selected lawyers by giving, the digital home for the acclaimed attorney rating service, a powerful, contemporary revamp.

In this post, we provide the need-to-know information about what’s happening and what it means for the peer-recognized, research-vetted attorneys who become Super Lawyers selectees.

What’s going to be different with the Super Lawyers redesign?

Quite a few things, the highlights of which are:

  • The Super Lawyers homepage has an updated design with a clean, minimal aesthetic that keeps up with contemporary graphic design standards, resulting in an eye-catching and pleasant user experience. It’s attractive, to be sure, but more than that, it presents Super Lawyers information in the best and easiest-to-use way.
  • The content on the Super Lawyers achievement has been updated to provide a stronger, more robust explanation of what an honor it is to be a Super Lawyers selectee and to drive home the message that Super Lawyers selectees undergo a rigorous vetting process before receiving the honor. This gives visitors to the site a better grasp of the selection process and resulting honor bolsters confidence and deepens understanding.
  • The content on has also had its search engine optimization (SEO) updated and lightly retooled, so that search engines (which are always changing and shifting how they work) recognize the valuable information the site contains and correctly present it to users — users who want to hire a lawyer who has been peer-recognized and, after a thorough research and vetting process, has had his or her professional skill and performance saluted.
  • The flow and structure of the site has been recognized and tidied up, so that users — both Super Lawyers selectees and consumers — can find what they are looking for most efficiently. The parent company of Super Lawyers continually studies how users behave on the Internet and routinely makes behind-the-scenes changes so that its products perform optimally even when consumer behavior patterns have changed.

What does a Super Lawyers selectee need to do?

If you are a Super Lawyers selectee, make sure to verify your firm’s contact information and provide a current, high-resolution headshot to your Super Lawyers representative. The log-in process are is not changing, so no action is needed from you on that front, but the bottom line is that no significant work is required from you. For additional questions on the redesign, please contact your representative. 

Why was a website redesign necessary?

In a sense, it wasn’t. is well-established as the Internet’s premier destination for lawyers who have been roundly saluted by their peers and the clients who have a legal need and want to make the best hiring choice they can. That being said, even classics need a retooling from time to time to retain their spot atop the pedestal. The redesign better highlights vetted attorneys and streamlines the journey customers make as they look for the right attorney for them. It also helps continue to be seen as a key resource for someone looking for legal assistance. 

Has the Super Lawyers selection process changed?

No. Super Lawyers’ patented attorney selection process remains unaltered. Peer-influenced and research-driven, the multi-phase selection process combines peer nominations and evaluations with independent research, culminating in an evaluation of each candidate on 12 indicators of professional achievement. Selections are made on an annual, state-by-state basis and result in the top 5% of attorneys being named to the Super Lawyers list each year. The Super Lawyers redesign pertains only to the website that reflects and reports the selection process’ findings, not the process for identifying a given year’s Super Lawyers selectees.

Ultimately, we hope you’ll enjoy the new look of, and are confident that selectees will find that the improvements we’re making will help it continue to be a valuable and important part of raising your profile.

Visit to learn more about the selection process, view the redesign and, if you’re a selectee, verify your contact information.

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