What Can Law Firms Learn from Other Businesses on Marketing to Hispanics? Your Questions Answered

Invariably and across the board, today’s most successful businesses are already ahead of the curve when it comes to reaching Hispanic consumers. And any forward-thinking law firm looking to tap into this booming and underserved market would do well to follow examples from not only the legal world, but also other business fields successfully marketing to Hispanics.

In our recent webcast, What Can Law Firms Learn from Other Businesses on How to Market to the Hispanic Community, our panel shared their valuable experience-based insights on how to best market to the Spanish-speaking legal consumer–and how your firm can better understand, and thus serve, their specific needs.

Below are answers to four questions submitted by attendees that expand upon the insights from our webcast.

Question: When you speak about consumers, do you mean specifically consumers of legal services?

When we refer to consumers, we’re addressing the broader Latino public. However, in our experience, many of the key learnings and lessons amassed from two decades working with Fortune 100 brands are relevant and applicable to all industries, including legal. These include leveraging technology, doing one’s homework with target-audience research, and making concerted efforts to stay committed to a client base over time. 

Question: When referring to “Hispanic legal consumers,” are you including only first-generation immigrants, or second- and third-generation as well? Don’t the latter regard English as their native language? 

We are referring to all segments, including different generations, acculturation levels, countries of origin, gender, and passion points. We believe that recently arrived, Spanish-dominant Mexicans in Los Angeles can be as viable a client base for law firms as third-generation, English-dominant Gen Z Caribbean natives in Miami. And the notion that the second and third generations speak only English is a misconception.

Our research shows that many of those consumers are bilingual and live fluidly in both worlds; they’re sometimes referred to as 200-percenters for being 100 percent American and 100 percent Latino. For them, sometimes a culturally relevant ad in Spanish can do the trick more than something they catch in English.

Question: Can SEO be targeted for Spanish-language searches?

Yes, searches can be optimized by language, and this is one of the key pieces of marketing for Hispanic audiences. In addition to prioritizing SEO to boost your website’s visibility, you should also list your firm in online legal directories. Today, many legal consumers rely on online legal directories to research their legal issues and find an attorney. Think of online legal directories as virtual phone books, but much more robust in content and capabilities.

Having your firm listed in a reputable online legal directory adds instant credibility and puts you in front of potential clients who are actively searching for answers and help with their legal matters. However, simply having your firm listed in a directory likely isn’t enough. Take steps to make sure your listing stands out from competitors.

Question: Are you recommending that blogs, social media, and digital ads be drafted in Spanish? Or is it best to draft them in English and allow users to utilize available search browser translation tools?

Sometimes blogs, social posts, and digital ads should be in English, even when targeting Latino audiences. It ultimately depends on which of the sub-segments pertains to the target. It’s important to tailor language, strategies, tactics, and language usage to each niche to resonate with cultural nuance. However, if the target is Spanish-dominant, it’s certainly advisable to work with a translator or specialist marketing agency that will adapt the copy, rather than machine-translate it. Machine translation can lead to a robotic tone unlikely to persuade purchasing decisions.

Seeking to gain more in-depth knowledge on how to develop a sound Hispanic marketing strategy and grow your legal practice? Click here to view the on-demand recording of our webcast event.

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