What to look for in a good legal content writer

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To compete online today, you need more than a beautiful website design. You need content that shines and stands out from the competition. You need content that showcases your strengths and is optimized so you can be found in the search engines.

This is not easy, and it is not something you should try to tackle on your own. Legal writing is not the same as writing for online audiences. No legal consumer wants to read dry legalese. Instead, they need content that speaks to their concerns and helps them understand how your firm can help.

For this, you need an exceptional legal content writer.

Finding one, however, can seem challenging. You can’t just choose a person at your firm or a relative right out of college. There are key attributes you want to look for to ensure that your content is on point and requires minimal effort on your part.

When looking for a writer to bring your firm to life online, you should look for:

1. Experience with marketing and the legal marketplace

The experience you should look for is two-fold. Not only should the writer you choose be well-versed in marketing tactics, they should also have experience specifically writing for law firm websites. The legal market is unique and requires specialized knowledge to ensure that your content is accurate, easy for consumers to understand, and drives readers to contact you.

You also want a writer who has experience writing the type of content that you need. This could include blog posts, website copy, white papers, social media posts, or other types. Each type of content is unique, and writers develop skills in this area over time. Be sure to ask about their experience in this area before you hire them.

At FindLaw, our writers have experience with a range of content types, and they only write content for lawyers. They understand your market and your needs, and they can provide you with custom content to help you meet your marketing goals.

2. Writing samples showcasing the content you need

When you are looking for a writer, it is essential you see writing samples before you hire them. The writing samples should show you if the writer can:

  • Write for a professional website
  • Understand writing for legal consumers
  • Craft compelling copy in your market
  • Create quality copy free of typos and errors

If possible, you should also ask how the writing samples performed online. A quality legal writer should be able to tell you the results of their work, including how much traffic or engagement the content received online.

When talking to FindLaw during a free consultation, be sure to ask for examples of websites we have created in your area. We have worked with thousands of law firms across the United States, and we can provide you with winning examples of our work.

3. SEO know-how

A strong legal content writer should also understand search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and be able to implement them within your content. SEO can help your firm stand out from the crowd on Google and other search engine sites.

How can you tell if your writer understands SEO? Ask them to explain their optimization process to you. If they can explain it clearly and in a way you understand, then they have experience in this area.

Additionally, if you work with an agency or business that creates marketing solutions for lawyers, they should have SEO professionals on staff to provide insight for the writers to craft optimized content. At FindLaw, we have both SEO professionals and legal writers who work together to ensure each piece of content is created with both the legal consumers and the search engines in mind.

4. A good listener

No one knows your business like you do. Even a writer with decades of experience creating marketing copy for law firms will need your insights and ideas in order to create content for your firm.

Is the writer asking you questions about your clients and your experience? Are they listening to your responses? Does the content they create reflect your goals and your answers?

With every FindLaw content product, you will meet with a writer so they can understand your practice and what sets you apart from competitors. With this information in hand, they can then create content that is tailored to your firm.

To learn more about the content solutions FindLaw provides, schedule a free consultation today.

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