Why Google loves Q&As and why that’s good for your firm

Hand raised to ask a question

When it comes to digital marketing, most attorneys understand that having an attractive website isn’t enough. After all, what good is having a website at all if prospective clients can’t find it? That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

To get search engines’ attention, it’s critical to ensure that your firm’s digital content is optimized. However, winning the SEO game isn’t easy since the rules and definition of success constantly change. To avoid getting left behind, you need to continuously adapt and advance. How? By finding ways to adjust and leverage your website’s content.

Curating digital content

What type of information is conveyed on your website? How do you speak to prospective clients? How is your content displayed? When it comes to getting and keeping search engines’ attention, these things matter.

To meet prospective clients’ needs and get the attention of search engines, displaying content in a simple question and answer or FAQs format can be very effective.

Today’s internet searchers want to find answers to their questions as quickly as possible, and search engines like Google want to serve up content from reputable sources that most closely match a user’s intent.

Q&A content and the rise of mobile and voice search

Mobile searches now make up more than half of all internet searches. In response, search engines have adjusted how content is retrieved and displayed on mobile devices versus desktop computers. For example, Google recognizes that mobile users are more likely to conduct basic and straightforward searches that warrant succinct and simple answers — similar to the clear and concise responses provided in content displayed in Q&A formats.

Incorporating Q&As in your firm’s digital content is also effective when it comes to catering to those users who search via voice search devices like Alexa and Google Home. Users who use voice-activated devices tend to ask questions similar to if they were having a conversation. Because Q&A content tends to be written in a more conversational tone and incorporates additional long-tail search words, web pages that display Q&A content tend to be picked up more readily by search engines.

Q&A content: The basics

The first step in making your website a hotbed for legal consumers who are seeking answers to their questions is to step into your clients’ shoes and write content that answers many of the preliminary questions they may have. When writing content in a Q&A format, it’s important to steer clear of using a lot of legal jargon. Instead, focus on writing easy-to-understand content that demonstrates your legal expertise in a relatable way that will prompt consumers to pick up the phone and call you to discuss their case in more detail.

Displaying Q&A content on your website

When it comes to how content on Q&A pages are displayed, you want to keep users in mind. The last thing you want is to make them scroll through a bunch of unrelated content. To make for a better and more user-friendly experience, it may be wise to set up separate pages by topic.

Additionally, Q&A or other informational pages should be regularly updated to ensure your content is current and optimized to comply with search trends and best practices. When it comes to your website’s content and SEO, nothing should remain static for too long. It is important to continuously monitor your website analytics reports and amend content as needed to improve visibility and search performance.

Making your site’s content work for you

Search engines’ algorithms are constantly evolving and, consequently, website tactics that worked five years ago aren’t as effective today. To get your site in front of legal consumers in need, you may need to make adjustments to your content strategy. Most recently, creating content specifically geared toward answering legal consumers’ questions has been an effective way to get search engines’ attention and reach potential clients who are searching for quick answers to their legal needs. 

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