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These second tier listings rotate within attorney search results just below the TopSpots. Each listing also receives additional exposure on thousands of legal resource pages, mini sites, and various partner directories. Each of these Spotlights can also be enhanced with a customizable profile that can link to your firm's website.

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Robert Burns and Lawinfo came to us as a recommendation of a business partner. This partner was very happy with Robert's service. Since hiring Robert several months ago, our experience has been the same. Robert can help your firm generate leads and develop new business.

Daniel Romaine Nager, Romaine & Schneiberg Co,. LPA

My firm began working with Jason (our LawInfo account representative) as a result of a recommendation by my firm's legal marketing company. I practice in the area of traffic and criminal defense law, helping defendants with DUI, reckless driving and other criminal charges in the Fairfax, Virginia area. Their professionalism has surpassed our expectations and they are extremely knowledgeable in the area of law firm SEO.

Raj Dua, Dua Law Firm, PLLC

I have been a part of LawInfo’s Lead Counsel program since 2011 and have renewed my contract because it works. Although my practice has always been generated from many different sources, the contacts and clients I have made through LawInfo have been a pleasure to work with. As a firm practicing exclusively in Immigration Law, LawInfo has helped me make contacts and generate clients in a variety of Immigration related matters.

Attorney Kripa Upadhyay, Orbit Law, PLLC

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