Sales Concepts for Small Law Firms
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Selling Skills for Attorneys

Making the sale doesn’t come naturally to everyone and attorneys are no exception. Some even look down on the idea of sales skills having much of a role in the legal industry. But if you’ve ever had to pound the pavement yourself or are close to someone whose job it is to seal the deal, then you know that the need to hit a target can bring a great deal of clarity to your work.

Always Be Closing: Sales Concepts for Small Law Firms takes a fresh look at some classic selling skills with a perspective that’s unique to attorneys and law firms. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to draw a clearer line from curious to client, give us a bit of your time. With advice for online and offline conversations, as well as tips for dealing with common client objections, you’ll finish this guide ready to have conversations that close.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • Why your marketing should always be closing – one way or another.
  • Having online conversations that deliver results.
  • What to say (and not to say) when meeting prospects in-person
  • Dealing with reluctant buyers and common objections.
  • When to walk away from a sale that doesn’t fit your firm.

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