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Using Integrated Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Solo Practice

While larger firms have significant resources they can call upon, solo attorneys don’t have the same deep pockets and extensive staff. They have basically themselves to fall back on. The good news is, the right tools to respond to the business challenges that rear their heads during tough times are the same tools many successful solo attorneys already use.

Integrated digital marketing is the most straightforward, cost-effective, and high-yield strategy to connect with clients and keep a law firm running. Digital marketing tools aren’t kept secret from anyone, but many solo attorneys don’t use them effectively, and some don’t employ them at all. And given how rapidly the online world evolves, even solo attorneys who have benefited from them in the past can use a polishing-up from time to time.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • What an integrated marketing approach looks like for a solo practitioner
  • How the components of an integrated approach can be used to maximize impact
  • A hypothetical law firm example so you can see this approach in practice
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