Why Should I Pay to Post?

Adopting a Paid Social Media Strategy at Your Law Firm

It’s true that social media is democratic by design. It is free. But the reality is that most businesses – including law firms — simply do not get the visibility they want from organic (that is, unpaid) social activity.

That’s where paid social media marketing can be an extremely useful tool. Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer paid options that can help you make sure that your firm’s message doesn’t get lost. What’s more, paid social is still a relatively inexpensive option. And it gives you and your firm a clear way to track how well your content is reaching your target audience.

You might have read that using paid social media advertising minimizes a sense of trust and authenticity. But check the dates on those articles: Nearly all of them are at least a few years old. Law firms have discovered that if they want to build relationships with potential clients online, creating social media profiles and being active on them isn’t enough. Through paid social, firms are expanding their reach outside of their immediate networks, generating new clients they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

In this guide, we’ll look at these topics and more:

  • How you can optimize the distinctive strengths of Facebook and LinkedIn as marketing platforms
  • How paid social can boost measurable ROI.
  • How to make sure that your paid social messages reach and engage the right potential clients.
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