Online reputation management

A marketing guide for solo and small law firms

Put your good name to work for your firm

Want to understand the value of your online reputation? It’s easy to do — just imagine that you are a potential client.

You’re most likely over the age of 45, and you’re not in this situation by choice. You might be dealing with a legal issue for the first time in your life and as such, you don’t know what you don’t know. You need help. You’re emotional and if not afraid, you’re at least concerned.

Now, what do you want to feel when you’re looking for an attorney online? Confidence? Calm? Anxiety relief? All good answers, but what do you need to see in order to feel that relief? Sometimes the answer is as simple as five little stars next to someone’s name. That’s the power of your online reputation.

Want to learn more? Download this guide and discover:

  • What constitutes online reputation management in today’s internet
  • Why legal consumers place so much value on something so subjective as online ratings and reviews
  • The vital link between your online reputation and your firm’s search engine visibility
  • Who is in your corner, who isn’t, and what you can do about it
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