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Using Legal Directories to Enhance Your Practice

At its heart, a legal directory is an advanced version of a phone book. In general, they list a firm or attorney’s name, contact information, and practice areas (with some having the option for enhancements, like a photo). But don’t take that to mean a legal directory is just an updated phone book. Directories like FindLaw and LawInfo are excellent all-purpose tools, and and Super Lawyers are great ways to reach niche markets.

In contrast to general directories (whether digital or hard copy), online legal directories are built specifically for legal consumers. People use them because of their relevant and proven content. In addition, these directories often provide supporting content such as legal news, advice, or education about the law, which helps consumers educate themselves and guides them toward making the right decision.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What legal directories are and then highlight the six chief advantages they provide
  • How to make legal directories a cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy
  • More about the four types of market-leading directories FindLaw offers
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