How To Get Clients As a Lawyer 101

What Makes Legal Consumers Tick and How You Can Reach Them


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What Makes Legal Consumers Tick and How You Can Reach Them

As an attorney, you’re confident that you have the information and answers to help clients resolve their legal issues. For you, practicing law and helping clients is what you know and do best.  

But what about the other aspects associated with growing your small firm? Do you understand how prospective clients find attorneys? What about the information sources they use to learn more about their legal issues? Do you know the qualities they deem most important when hiring an attorney?

Results from the Thomson Reuters U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey provide valuable insight into the actions consumers take to address legal issues. In this guide, we’ll explore what modern-day legal consumers need, how they act and the reasons behind those actions.

This information can help your firm establish more effective marketing practices so you can not only meet, but surpass, legal consumers’ expectations.

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