Case Study

The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe

LOCATION: Manhattan, NY
SIZE: Solo
SCOPE AND SERVICES: Criminal Defense

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC

The Situation

With almost two decades of criminal law experience, including seven years as a prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Jeffrey Chabrowe has experienced countless verdicts on both sides of the aisle. In 2011, he took a leap of faith by founding his New York based criminal defense law firm. For the first five years of the practice, Chabrowe relied solely on word of mouth referrals. He didn’t have an optimized website and relied on press clippings from case results to pique interest in the firm.

Chabrowe realized that for the longevity of his firm he needed to bolster his digital presence and continue to grow but at a comfortable pace. As a solo practitioner, he wanted to strike the right balance in his marketing strategy: allowing the firm to prosper but also not take on so much that he would be forced to hire additional staff.

Meeting with his FindLaw consultant, Chabrowe went through a needs assessment process. They discussed where the firm hopes to be in two years and further down the road. Chabrowe wanted to improve the overall quality of potential clients and gain more white collar cases. With the help of the FindLaw team, the firm launched a multi-layered marketing strategy that focused on expanding the firm’s digital footprint to a better suited audience throughout the New York City metro area.

The Solution

Starting essentially from scratch in terms of a digital presence, the FindLaw team worked diligently to put together a comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy to get the firm in front of the right legal consumer at the right time. The approach included:

  • Mobile Optimized Website: Having a professionally-built, dynamic website, constructed to SEO standards and mobile-optimized, led to a significant uptick in visibility for the firm. As criminal defense cases can often be timely, reaching that on-the-go legal consumer was a chief initiative for the firm. The website also serves as a valuable part of the validation process, as potential clients can easily substantiate the firm’s track record.
  • Targeting a Higher Quality Client: The firm placed its brand on the directory, where qualified legal consumers are searching for an attorney. After seeing an initial surge in legitimate contacts, the firm reinvested by securing exclusive top-five placement. This allowed the firm to target clients by practice area and geographic location.
  • Increased Advertising Presence: Putting together a series of Google pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns that honed in on relevant search terms, Chabrowe’s law firm saw an increase in prospects visiting the dedicated landing page. From there, a concerted effort to focus on an easily digestible landing page, built for conversion, has produced more potential clients contacting the firm.

The results


Overall contacts increased 61 percent from year one to year two due to added exposure from the Manhattan criminal defense directory advertisement.


Due to a strategy shift focused on targeting additional cities, the traffic coming from the directory to the firm's site has increased by 50 percent.

“I knew I wanted to grow the firm, but I wanted to grow at a rate I was comfortable with. FindLaw was able to strike that balance.”

Attorney Jeffrey Chabrowe

The Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe

Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC Case Study

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