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Gaining new leads is a challenge for almost any business. Law firms are no different. But your firm doesn’t have to sweat it out alone. FindLaw understands legal consumers better than anyone else. Let us put that knowledge to work for your firm with our exclusive attorney lead generation program. We’ll do the heavy lifting with targeted campaigns that attract relevant legal consumers and connect them to your firm. You’ll be free to focus on serving your clients.

How attorney lead generation works

Imagine Katie.
She’s at home right now recovering from a recent car accident.

Katie is searching the web for advice about dealing with her insurance and she notices a banner ad saying that she might be entitled to compensation. Her interest is piqued, so she clicks the ad, taking her to a landing page with more details about motor vehicle accidents and a simple contact form. She volunteers her contact information asking to be contacted by an attorney. Katie just became a lead.

Attorney Lead Generation Funnel: How it works

FindLaw Legal Leads

When purchasing leads, the source and process makes all the difference.

Here’s what sets FindLaw’s attorney lead generation program apart from the rest.

Consumer knowledge

No one knows legal consumers better than FindLaw. We understand where they are, what they’re looking for and when they’re ready to talk to you.


We’re serious about your business. That’s why we opt for a hands-on approach where every lead you receive goes through us.

Stringent criteria

Our strict standards ensure that the leads you receive have the highest chance of turning into actual clients. Something a mailing list cannot claim.

Dedicated support

FindLaw’s dedicated Client Engagement Specialists are at your service, monitoring your attorney leads and providing feedback and guidance to get more out of your program.

Choose consistency.

With FindLaw Lead Flow, new leads are always headed your way. You’ll receive a manageable influx of leads over a 12-month period. Contact your consultant to explore how our attorney lead generation program can work for you.

Success Stories

Law firms find success with FindLaw’s attorney lead generation programs

“I needed cases. And I needed a solution in order to get cases. FindLaw’s attorney lead generation program provided me with a perfect tool in which to do that. I’m very pleased with the quality of leads and service.”

ss_KevinMartinKevin R. Martin
Managing Partner,
Martin Law Office, S.C.

“I have tried numerous lead-generation organizations and have had varying success with them. I was reluctant to work with Lead Solutions, but my consultant provided honest discussion about what Lead Solutions does, how they do it, and I felt giving them a try would be worthwhile. Of course, the price was a factor, and I felt their pricing was excellent compared to others who attempt to do what they do.

My experience thus far has been an absolute home run. The sourcing Lead Solutions employs has brought in extremely good leads. Their screening process is responsible for this. To date I have been retained by over 80% of the individuals who Lead Solutions sent to me. I recognize this percentage is well above any expectation, however, I would be a more than a happy camper if it continues with even half.”

Paul SamakowPaul Samakow –
The Law Offices of Paul A. Samakow, P.C.

“FindLaw’s attorney lead gen program has been a reliable source of leads for our firm and the staff has been great to work with. I’ve recommended Lead Solutions to other attorneys and I look forward to continuing to work with Lead Solutions.”

EStatonEric C. Staton, Esq. –
Mintz Law Firm, LLC

“If it wasn’t for FindLaw’s attorney lead generation service, my business would not be where it is today. I continue to buy more and more lawyer leads from Thomson Reuters because they have been converting so well. The fact that they are exclusive and have such a generous return policy has really been a game-changer. The only complaint I have is that I can’t buy more campaigns.”


Jonathan Kashani
Founder and Attorney,
Kash Legal Group

“FindLaw has provided our firm with a steady pace of client leads who have been injured in car accidents. The internet has opened up a plethora of potential clients that FindLaw has figured out how to screen and refer those clients to us. The diligent attorney will have success with FindLaw’s Attorney Lead Generation program. I have renewed my lead program and added a jurisdiction. This marketing method is money well spent.”

Attorney lead Generation success story

Keith B. Marcus
ParisBlank, LLP

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