The Power of Social Media

The Impact of Video

Expand your brand by giving consumers the social video content they crave.

People don’t watch video the way they used to.

The old days, where the whole family gathered around the warm glow of a vacuum tube are long gone. Today’s audience is plugged-in, on-the-go and connected to their peers in ways video broadcasters of the past can only imagine. And while prime-time television audiences may have shrunk considerably, video consumption still accounts for a stunning amount of Americans’ free time.

It makes perfect sense. Human beings are hard-wired for video. Most of us see and hear the real world in motion, in color, and with the sound turned on all the time. Video speaks to people in a way that text, imagery or sound alone simply cannot. So while marketing your law firm must include SEO-optimized prose and engaging designs that encourage your prospects to call your firm now, attorneys need to make room in their plans for video as well.

The math is simple.

214 million Americans are on Facebook.

500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day.


Users retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video.

Think about it.

Your target audience is already out there. The clients you need are on Facebook – maybe not necessarily with the intent of finding a lawyer, but they’re there. With social media’s game-changing ability to segment and target its user base, reaching out to potential legal consumers on Facebook is a no-brainer. Doing it with video is simply the next logical step. By engaging in social video marketing, your law firm is delivering the information legal consumers want, in the format they’ll respond to, on the platform they prefer.

Engaging Content

These short, professional-quality animated videos build your brand and establish trust with the communities you serve. We can create English or Spanish videos so you can reach your audiences where they are.

Simple Process

Forget about all day video shoots and half-memorized scripts. Just consult with us on the topic you want and the tone of your video. We’ll handle the rest.

Perfect Audience

FindLaw knows how to strategically promote your video to connect with just the right audience – in their terms and on their turf. Establish your firm’s brand as someone who can be trusted.

Take a look.

Check out these videos from our satisfied customers who have received great exposure and engagement from Video Social Pro.

Keep your name out there.

Not everyone who views your video is ready to hire an attorney today. Most don’t even know if they’ll ever need one. But when they do, make sure your firm is on their short list. Use the brand-building exposure of Video Social Pro to make this happen.

Video Social Pro

Why use animated videos instead of traditional formats?

Trust us, we get it. An animated video probably isn’t how you see your law firm, but it is what consumers watch on Facebook. The goal is to give these legal consumers the content they will engage with and remember, and animated videos have a better chance of this than a more traditional law firm video.

Why are the videos only 15 seconds?

The attention span of people watching videos is extremely short, and that is why we only do 15 second videos. Video Social Pro quickly introduces a popular legal topic and does it in a way that hooks the viewer’s interest. We explain the issue and how you can help, mentioning your law firm’s name quickly and clearly while not overstaying your welcome.

How do you define success with these videos?

The goal of Video Social Pro is to drive brand awareness and engagement with your firm on social media. We measure success in two ways: by tracking the number of times your video is shown and the number of times your video is watched for least 10 seconds. A 10-second view is a higher standard than Facebook uses, but it’s the best way to track when a user has watched long enough to associate the video’s message with your firm’s brand.

Where and how are my videos going to be promoted?

Each video is created to speak to the kind of people your firm needs to reach to meet your goals. Every month, we pay to promote your videos to this specific audience on Facebook. This targeting allows us to drive maximum return on your investment – we focus in on your relevant audience and leave out the people who aren’t part of your strategy.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

No problem! If your law firm doesn’t already have a Facebook business page, we will create one for you with consistent branding that reflects your firm and your website.

How do you create videos for law firms on Facebook?

The process is actually quite simple. First, a FindLaw specialist will consult with you to determine the type of content and legal issues you want to focus on. From there, we’ll handle the rest. We’ll research the legal topic and create a short video for you to review. Before anything is posted online, you’ll be able to approve the final version so that it reflects your expertise and your law firm’s brand.

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