How Law Firms Lose Prospective Clients At The Front Door

Chances are you lost a potential client in the past week.

It’s not because your website failed to attract visitors or that lone, negative online review dissuaded an inquiring consumer. Rather, it’s because that attorney-seeker slipped through your fingers at the point of initial contact.

The problem lies with your intake process, and your firm is not alone.

For example, did you know that one-third of firms neglect their own phone messages and that half do not respond to emails or online forms within 24 hours, or not at all?

Does your firm have an intake problem?
If you don’t know for sure, you could be leaving money on the table.

This white paper will illustrate just what’s at stake for law firms and outline how the following principles can impact their bottom lines:

  • Urgency – Stemming from the knowledge that legal consumers move quickly when choosing a law firm.
  • Empathy – Understanding that clients are real people with real needs looking to your firm for help in uncertain times.
  • Data Collection – Knowledge of your current clients is essential to converting future leads.
  • Tenacity – Even when the initial connection just isn’t made, tenacity is often the difference between a cold lead and a happy client.

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