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How Paid Social Media Delivers for Your Firm
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Imagine your ideal client.

Imagine someone who fits the age, income level, employment status, family size – even the neighborhood that perfectly aligns with your practice. Now imagine marketing to just them, for a fraction of what you usually spend. That’s the power of paid social promotion.

The immense amount of detail Facebook gathers on its users presents an outstanding opportunity for law firms. Savvy attorneys have already begun using this data as a tool to put their firm in front of relevant consumers for a very low price. But as the saying goes, these deals won’t stick around forever. As more and more law firms adopt social media, the more expensive it will become.

This white paper uses data from FindLaw’s own history of paid social media promotion to reveal the value of paying for something most firms consider to be free. The paper also explores:

  • The social media user’s comfort with marketing messages in their news feed.
  • Why paid social media trumps organic activity for firms aiming to expand their brand.
  • The core elements of paid social media attorneys need to understand.

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