From Novelty to Necessity

Pragmatic Social Media for Law Firms
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Remember when websites were novel?

If your firm was around prior to the dot com boom you probably had to make a hard decision about when to finally get on board with this whole “internet” thing.

Well it’s happened again. In the same way that websites once changed from being curiosities to business essentials, so too has social media moved from novelty to necessity.

Here’s the good news.

Whereas successful websites require a broad mix of technical expertise and outstanding content, organic social media really just asks that attorneys be themselves. You already have the tools you need to succeed.

This white paper uses data from FindLaw and Thomson Reuters to show just how important social media is to legal consumers, and what attorneys must do to reach them. For example:

  • How the informal nature of social media aligns with your natural ability to relate to and engage with individuals.
  • Why law firms need to be careful balancing the immediacy and permanence of social.
  • The real impact that organic social media can have on an attorney’s brand.

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