10+ years of progress: Digital marketing lessons for small law firms and solo attorneys

Legal consumers have changed – what your firm must do to change with them

The business world changes quickly — and in the span of a decade, changes a lot. For small law firms and solo attorneys who want to stay up to date with how consumers with a legal need think, research, and take action, it’s helpful to have historical context.

Each year for over a decade, Thomson Reuters and FindLaw have conducted the U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey. Collectively, those surveys have yielded a treasure trove of data that can help attorneys and law firms design a strategic, results-oriented marketing strategy.

This white paper draws on over 10 years of these surveys and reveals:

  • What consumers with a legal need care about — and just as importantly, what they don’t
  • Consumers’ behaviors and attitudes about referral networks, websites and search engines, and social media
  • Useful tips for launching, fine-tuning, and expanding your digital marketing presence

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