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Learn how blended search is changing the way law firms get found online.

s a tech-savvy attorney, you know that getting found online is crucial to winning new business. But think of what a legal consumer sees when he or she is looking for an attorney. With all the boxouts, videos, maps and other elements that a typical search engine results page (SERP) delivers these days, it’s increasingly possible that your firm will get lost amongst the mix now showing up.

Welcome to the new world of blended search, also known as universal search and enhanced search.

The idea behind it is to return more useful search results by drawing from multiple online sources, not just websites. With the rise of blended search, it’s likely that your ideas of search and search results are out of date. For your law firm, that may mean taking new action to survive and prosper online.

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Top 7 Marketing Tactics for Small-town Attorneys

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