Marginalizing Your Most Valuable Asset

What Attorneys Don’t Understand About Brands
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Who do you think you are?

You may think of yourself as a known quantity, a trusted partner, a reputable firm. Meanwhile, to a potential client, you’re simply one of many equally vague options. Aligning these two perceptions – and reaping the business benefits therein – often comes down to one of the most marginalized assets a law firm has: its brand.

For most lawyers, the concept of a “brand” begins and ends with the iconic apple on the back of an iPad. They think brands can only deliver value to industry giants like McDonald’s or Nike. In fact, branding should be just as important to law firms as it is to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Unfortunately, too many firms don’t recognize the potential of their brands and wind up ignoring or marginalizing this most valuable asset.

This white paper will show how law firm brands can influence their incoming caseloads through five elements:


  • Brand Essence – What you think of your brand.
  • Brand Perception – What others think of your brand.
  • Brand Positioning – How you present your firm to the marketplace.
  • Brand Identity Assets – The look and feel of your brand.
  • Brand Building – The methods you use to raise awareness of your brand.

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