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Missouri Law Schools

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Although there are only four American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools in Missouri, the options are all very high quality and offer different opportunities.

Some of Missouri's law schools have a reputation for a particular area of practice and may allow you to advance specific skills. The price of your legal education can also differ significantly, depending on your choice of school. Fortunately, there are law schools in Kansas City and St. Louis, so whichever style of barbecue you prefer, you'll still be able to pursue your law degree.

The following article provides an overview of your Missouri law school options, highlighting some aspects of each school to help guide your research.

Washington University School of Law

Wash U Law is located in St. Louis. It ranks among the top law schools in the country, especially for its advocacy and clinical programs. Wash U's moot court program is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. For those interested in litigation, Wash U Law is tough to beat.

Tuition at Wash U Law is higher than the state's other options at nearly $65,000 a year. But the school also boasts very high employment rates for graduates — around 95% of 2021 grads found long-term employment within ten months of graduation.

University of Missouri School of Law

Mizzou Law has a solid reputation nationally and is particularly distinguished in the field of alternative dispute resolution. A research center, mediation clinic, law journal, and LL.M in Dispute Resolution provide plenty of opportunities for those interested in pursuing this rapidly growing practice area.

Mizzou Law is located in Columbia, a mid-sized college town. Attendance is more affordable than Wash U or SLU at about $23,000 a year for Missouri residents.

University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law

UMKC is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It describes itself as an urban public law school with a small liberal arts feel. UKMC is proud of its prestigious alumni, including Supreme Court Justice Charles Whittaker and President Harry Truman.

The school's low tuition of $21,000 a year and high post-bar employment rate make it a great value, particularly for Missouri residents.

Saint Louis University School of Law

SLU School of Law has a highly ranked health law program and has a journal, externship program, and center devoted to health law studies. The school's location in downtown St. Louis may attract those interested in studying close by the courts and businesses that may later employ them.

Although more affordable than Wash U, SLU is among the more expensive law schools in Missouri at $46,000 a year.

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