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New Mexico Law Schools


Whether you're looking to study law in a place with a thriving art scene, stunning outdoor sights, or delicious local food, you'll find it all in New Mexico. And the state's nearly 300 sunny days a year are sure to help keep your spirits high even when the hearsay exceptions keep you up at night.

Just one nationally accredited law school calls New Mexico home, but the University of New Mexico School of Law is by no means a school of last resort. UNM Law's small class sizes, low tuition, and impressive academic recognitions make it an excellent choice for many students.

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University of New Mexico School of Law

Located in Albuquerque, the University of New Mexico School of Law prides itself on being small. Upper-division class sizes average around 12 students, and first-year core classes generally seat around 14-20. If you're looking for individual attention from professors, the school's 6:1 student/faculty ratio may appeal to you.

UNM Law has been recognized as one of the top programs for environmental law and the best school for Native American students. They also publish one of the premier indigenous law journals.

With tuition of around $18,000 a year for New Mexico residents, UNM Law provides a lot of bang for your buck. UNM Law grads achieve higher than average bar passage rates, with around 80% of first-timers passing on the first try in 2021 and 96% passing within two years of graduation.

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Choosing a law school marks the beginning of your journey to a fulfilling career in the legal field. Along the way, you'll learn new study techniquesread a lot of cases, meet some amazing people, and more. FindLaw for Law Students has articles to help you at every stage with advice from people who have been through the process.

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