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You're standing outside your next law school class, hoping and praying that you're not on the hot seat for the day. You're usually good at preparing for class, but something came up and now you're just not as ready as you had planned. We've all been there before, but what if there was a resource at your fingertips with quick and easy-to-read backgrounds on various legal topics? Perhaps you could arm yourself with the information you need when you need it most, whether you're outside of a classroom or a courtroom.

FindLaw is an extensive and growing hub of legal knowledge designed to be useful to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Better yet, it's completely free. When it comes to legal research, FindLaw can serve as your springboard to the answers you need for class and, down the road, to the legal advice your future clients are seeking.

What We Have to Offer

As a law student, you're given access to a wide range of legal research resources, from law library access to student accounts with major online legal research services. With all of these resources available, you're probably wondering what FindLaw has to offer law students like you.

First, with FindLaw, there's no need to remember another password or spend hours deciphering the right Boolean search to get the information you need. Instead, you'll have access to free legal research that does not go dark once you graduate. Plus, our attorney writers have written extensively on everything from famous Supreme Court cases to legal issues in the news.

FindLaw's legal research resources are designed for consumers and legal professionals alike. Its articles provide legal context as well as user-friendly answers and resources that get straight to the point. Check out the following sections to see how FindLaw can benefit you:

Cases & Codes

If you're trying to find federal or state codes or opinions, this page provides easy access to current authorities as well as an archive of cases that's as deep as it is wide.

Supreme Court Insights

Looking for a summary of Roe v. Wade? Or the historical background of Marbury v. Madison? Look no further than Supreme Court Insights, where you'll find articles that explain some of the court's biggest decisions without all the 1800s legal speak.

Legal Blogs

This page is home to practice-oriented tips and legal updates. It's also a great resource when you're considering research topics for a class paper.

Learn About the Law (LATL)

Perhaps one of FindLaw's most useful pages for law students, this section contains brief primers on a wide range of legal topics, from criminal law and procedure to bankruptcy and much more, including articles on state-specific laws. Unlike other legal research websites, LATL section breaks down and explains legal concepts, which can be especially helpful to law students looking for quick and accessible explanations.

Legal Dictionary

Are you hearing a legal term for the first time in class and not sure what it means? Get a quick answer from FindLaw's legal dictionary before your professor even finishes making her point.

More Resources for Law Students

For law students like you, FindLaw's free legal research resources are, in essence, like a free tutor available any time, day or night. Get further acquainted with FindLaw's legal research resources as well as everything it has to offer on FindLaw for Law Students section.

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