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State Bar Homepages

State bar associations offer information and services that can be valuable for lawyers and law students alike. Long before you sit for the bar exam or seek admission to practice, you'll find resources online hosted by your state bar association on their homepage that can help you deepen your understanding of the law and better prepare for practice within your state. The following article provides an overview of the kinds of resources state bar homepages make available and links to your local bar's page.

State Bar Resources for Future Lawyers

A wealth of valuable information is available for law students on state bar association homepages. The bar lists requirements for admission to practice law in your state and information and outlines that can help you prepare for any state-specific aspects of the bar exam.

Most state bar homepages also provide information about the state's law schools. Students can register with the bar association, sign up for newsletters, apply for the bar exam and character and fitness assessments, or determine their admission status.

State Bar Resources for Lawyers

The state bar homepage also includes information and resources that will be valuable once you've been admitted to practice as an attorney. Most states have continuing legal education (CLE) requirements. The state bar will explain the extent of the requirement and frequently provides links to CLE resources.

The state bar homepage also typically provides forms and information about required disclosures, participation in the state bar, information about ethics rules, and a list of opportunities for pro bono work.

State Bar Resources for the Public

In addition to information for law students and legal professionals, state bar homepages typically also include information for the general public. Most states include listings for the public to check your registration status, forms to submit complaints about attorney misconduct, and information about many of the legal and ethical requirements that direct attorney/client relationships in your state. Although these materials are intended for non-attorneys, they can frequently shed light on aspects of practice in your state.

State Bar Homepages

The following chart contains links to the state bar homepages for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico:


Alaska Nebraska
Arizona Nevada
Arkansas New Hampshire
California New Jersey
Colorado New Mexico
Connecticut New York
Delaware North Carolina
District of Columbia North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawaii Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
Illinois Puerto Rico
Indiana Rhode Island
Iowa South Carolina
Kansas South Dakota
Kentucky Tennessee
Louisiana Texas
Maine Utah
Maryland Vermont
Massachusetts Virginia
Michigan Washington
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming

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State bar homepages are just one resource available for law students. When you need advice about how to study for exams, finance your legal education, find an internship, and other issues, you'll want great resources to help you make the right decisions. Come back to FindLaw for Law Students for articles and links that get you the information you need.

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