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This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Branding. Branding your law firm is the legal marketing equivalent of carving out a niche practice. There are established and non-traditional ways to brand and position your law practice. Start your research with FindLaw.

Branding Articles

  • Making Contact: The Importance Of Networking

    During the past decade law firms have experienced significant change. Things just aren't the way they used to be. During better times, business was easier to acquire and maintain. Client fee sensitivity, competition, specialization, and poor public image have made the practice of law much more difficult. It requires much more effort to manage and sustain a successful law practice.

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  • Turn Technology into a Competitive Marketing Advantage

    The good news is that rainmaking will always require good, old-fashioned human relationships. The better news is that technology offers new tools that make marketing easier, faster, more effective, less expensive, and more.

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  • The Advantages of Having a Niche Law Practice

    When it comes to doctors, most people want to go to a specialist, not a generalist. Nobody trusts brain surgery to a general surgeon. Increasingly, clients feel the same way about their lawyers.

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  • Beyond Brochures: Marketing Through Print Advertising

    Although advertising hasn't yet entirely shed its stigma within the legal community,the practice has begun to gain acceptance with some of the buttoned-down partners who oversee large-firm marketing budgets, which nowadays can reach $1 million or more.

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  • The Importance of Law Firm Web Site Design

    Years ago, the typical person opened the Yellow Pages to find legal help. Today, most prospects go online. From their perspective, your Web site is your law firm - their first, most lasting impression of who you are, what sets you apart and how well you can meet their needs.

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  • Developing Markets In a Shrinking World

    Walt Disney didn't know what he started. Long before the era of faxes, on-line bulletin board systems and the Concorde, an attraction at his theme park had dolls dressed in costumes from many lands singing "It's a Small World." With the advent of new technologies and changes in the global market, a more timely phrase can now be coined:It's an even smaller business world.

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  • Law Firm Business Development: Ask Don't Tell

    When I ask clients what their biggest challenge in business development is, they commonly say, "Asking for business." And yet, when they are trying to land a new client, they forget about the "asking" part and focus on the "pitching" part.

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  • Why a Down Market is the Right Time to Brand

    Since the markets turned bearish, the first instinct for many law firms has been to clamp down on marketing dollars. We're told that branding -- gaining a place in the minds of buyers -- always takes years and costs tons of money. So now is a bad time to embark on a branding program. Right? Wrong!

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  • It May Be Time for a New Law Marketing Strategy

    You don't change your horse mid-race is good advice for jockeys, but perhaps not as good for lawyers looking to take their practices to the next level. As you move through the course of your career, you may "outgrow" marketing activities that served you well in the beginning.

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  • Making the Most of Networking Events

    How can you make the most of networking events? Here are nine tips for transforming networking events into a business development tool.

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